Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Holiday Newsletter

Dear Friends

The new year will be a truly momentous one. Economic crises. New US president. Radically changing world. You are an essential agent of change.

Let's keep in mind the following:

For the first time in history

- every sentient being is experiencing the same crises of global warming, economic trauma, diminishing resources, vanishing species, violence due to desperation.

- we are all communicating with each other through the internet and cell phones - less than 5% of the world's population lives in the US and consumes more than 25% of the planet's resources

- geopolitics is controlled by those who run the biggest corporations (the corporatocracy); governments serve as their vehicles, not the other way around- corporations are totally dependent on us to buy their goods and services

- we the people, the consumers, hold the power to determine which corporations will succeed and which will fail; the marketplace is democratic if we choose to see it as such.

After Obama's election, I received emails from around the world congratulating the US for having the ability to change so rapidly: from a conservative White Republican 4 years ago to a liberal Black Democrat. Many reminded me that Obama keeps emphasizing that there are great challenges ahead and we all must work for change.

We All Must Work for Change!

As you do your holiday shopping realize that every time you buy something (or decide not to) you are casting a vote. It you do not purchase goods made in sweat shops, there will be no more sweat shops (or the current ones will be turned into legitimate factories where workers receive fair wages, health care, and retirement pensions). When you refuse to buy from companies like Nike because they use sweat shops, send them an email telling them so. Check out and let those companies know why you patronize them. Little steps like that will change the world. Seem simple? It is – in principle. But you MUST participate.

Every indigenous culture tells us that we are entering a period with the potential for changing human consciousness, for creating a sustainable, just, and peaceful world. But it will not be automatic. We must make it happen.

You must commit yourself to change!

Season's Greetings. Happy New Year!

With love,


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Mr. Perkins,

My apologies for my previous e-mail asking about a regular segment on your site for current events. I had not yet seen your newsletter. I did and now I can post comments.

I look forward to a bit more detailed analysis from you on each of the points you made, especially geopolitical control by large corporate behemoths. Especially, what exactly is the thinking that goes behind creating such a behemoth that controls lives and livelihoods of so many employees and consumers for their collective detriment ? Surely, no executive wakes up and says, "today, I will make a few thousand people homeless so that I can have my pipeline run through their villages".

Things like that.

Do you wonder how education systems of the world are made such that they are well suited to create Corporate Serfs in peacetime and efficient Soldiers when it suits their leaders ?

I think I am rambling on and on, so, let me hear from you and we can have some interesting dialogue.

Thank You,

Devang Shah