Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March 2009

Hi friends,

These are amazing times. We have arrived at a pivotal moment in history; we are challenged to move out of an adolescent stage of human economic development (characterized by colonialist and exploitative policies) into a mature recognition that we are a fragile species living on a small, highly interdependent planet.
In order for my grandson to hope to inherit a sustainable, just, and peaceful world every baby born in every country must have that same expectation -- and it must be realized for all. Homeland security will come only when we understand that the entire planet is our homeland.
I hope you will join me at one of the events listed below, in Seattle, San Jose, Denver, and Boulder -- so we can explore these issues together in greater depth.
Looking forward to seeing you.
John Perkins
Sun. March 29
1 pm talk main stage
co-produced by Global Exchange and Green America
2 pm booksigning
LOCATION: WA State Convention & Trade Center 800 Convention Place (7th and Pike)
For more information: www.greenfestivals.org
Mon. March 30
1570 Branham Lane, San Jose, CA 95118
Sponsored by Branham High School
TOPIC: "The Secret History of the American EmpireWhat Next? How to Change It"
Open to the Public: Adults $20, Students $10; seating limited to first 200 attendees
Tickets may be purchased online at Branham website;
For more information, go to www.branham.cuhsd.org or
email John Salberg at jsalberg23@yahoo.com or call 408-246-3191
Tues. March 31
TALK & BOOKSIGNING, Regis University, Denver, CO at 8 pm
LOCATION: Student Center Dining Room, Regis University
3333 Regis Blvd Denver, CO
Sponsors: John J. Sullivan Endowed Chair for Free Enterprise at Regis University, Regis College Leadership Development Program, RegisUniversity Student Government Association.
TOPIC: Transforming Turmoil into a New Economy (1 hr.)
For more information: www.regis.edu/sullivan
Wed. April 1
LUNCHEON TALK/SIGNING- Denver, CO at 11:30 am- 1:30 pm MT
Room 333 of Main Hall at Regis University.
TOPIC: Transforming Turmoil into a New Economy.
There is a $35 fee to attend the lunch
To register for the lunch please go to www.regonline.com/john_perkins
Wed. Apr. 1
TALK and BOOKSIGNING, Boulder, CO at 7 pm MT
Sponsored by KGNU Community Radio
KGNU, 4700 Walnut Street, Boulder, CO
Open to the public; Donation requested
Contact: Joanne Cole 303-449-4885 joanne@kgnu.org


Morgan said...


i am rereading your American Empire this week, and thought to look online for your current thinking. Events are changing the world so fast now that we can not afford to wait for book publication. As you know, you have an opportunity to help reverse much of the damage you and your cronies did as subversives by the simple act of continuing to help wake us up.

It is pretty disappointing to open your newsletter site to find only invitations to book signings. Please give us insights into what you know to be going on today behind the scenes, in regular newsletter installments.

Anonymous said...

John - We would love to here your view on the G-20's Communique issued on April 2nd. The G-20 laid out their plans for a global currency, a global financial regulator, a global trade regulator, one global set of accounting standards, a global stimulus package, etc.

Given your experience in international financial circles and firsthand knowledge of the IMF, I invite you to provide an analysis of the implications this has for our future.

Anonymous said...

Here is the G20 Link: http://www.g20.org/Documents/g20_communique_020409.pdf

marco said...

And Now the Sub-Text… What the G20 Said, and What they Really Mean - economic governance for health, April 9th, 2009
Communiqués such as the one issued following last week’s G20 Summit in London are meticulously drafted in a diplomatic language all their own. It is designed, not to be understood, but to provide a warm glow of confidence that something will be done, and that this something will make everything alright for everybody – even if we can’t quite figure out what exactly it is. Here we offer an interpretation of what the first part of the G20 communiqué really means and what it might have said before it was translated into diplomatese

Natalia R. said...

I agree with Matt. I would like to read your opinion about the last G-20 meeting.

The borders are going down, trade is conditioned to debt. My country, Argentina, was offered a loan by China, but only to be spent to buy Chinese products, and I think we took it! An economic hit man must have been visiting us... Now our country, already invaded by Chinese poor quality products, is going to borrow money from them (the interest rate, that's the trick, will be fixed by China 48hs before lending us the money). In the meantime our already endangered local industry will be destroyed in the middle of a huge economic crisis. How much money must have our president Cristina Kirchner accepted in exchange for selling us to China? I'm just 34 years old, by the time I die this debt won't be paid, I'm sure about it.

Natalia R. said...


I think the G-20 revolved around one issue only... they made it look like they were making decisions regarding a lot of things, but the bottom line is they joined to decide the US dollar devaluation, because the entire world trade and save in US dollars. A few months ago it was said that dollars were going to be replaced by a new currency, then the rumour was that it was going to be the Chinese Yuan... nothing for sure.
If they devaluate then the entire world devaluates, too. And we're not going to have a good time, I must tell you, my country has vast experience in devaluation, deflation, depression, etc.
I hope I'm wrong, but deep down, I think I'm not.
What do you think about G-20? Please tell me your opinion.